My name is Erik Akervall. I’m 33 years young and a proud father. After receiving my bachelor’s degree in TV-production at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts in 2011, I presumably was the world’s first and only deaf, formally educated TV-producer.
I started my own production company directly after the graduation, with the dream of breaking barriers and developing new concepts with sign language as part of my craft. Akervall Production is now a global production company located in Stockholm, Sweden. Our passion is producing high quality documentaries, TV-programs and films. I’m currently studying Production and Distribution on master program in Film & Media at same school.


We also provides media lectures, workshops and film camps for those who want to develop new techniques and powerful tools in the media field.


Akervall Production is in working collaborations in different countries including Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Portugal, USA, Canada and Southeast Asia.


Do you have a seed to an idea? Do you want to what our team can do for you? Do you want to tell your story? Let us know!